Lessons In Social Networking

White NoiseAs a modern photographer one of the biggest social networking sites that I visit is Flickr but Flickr is not my favorite and does little to help my marketing but I recently started to look at ways to change that.

One thing that I’ve done recently is to stop using Flickr as just a holding pen for loads of my personal work and begun to send some clients to my Flickr photostream. For those not familiar with Flickr – my photostream is the collection of my work on Flickr.

I’m not sending everyone there – just those that want to see more of what I’ve done, where I’ve been, what I’ve done, and where I am now in my creative development.

Again not everyone gets to see these photos – just those that can’t otherwise get enough of my photos or a sense of my abilities by seeing what I have up on the WDO Photography website.

Clearly this is not something that photographers will want to do if the work they have on Flickr is not their best. I tend to only upload items that would fit into a portfolio or that I would otherwise not have an issue sharing with clients. One should never have anything online that they don’t believe in sharing with the public. One other thing I’ve started to do is pay attention to who is viewing my photos and where they’re coming from. While most are other Flickr users a good number of them are from Yahoo and Google image search. I’ve began tagging and labeling the photos that show up in image searches with contact info and a note for people coming to the image from those sites.

I’ve since been contacted one time out of too many to count asking for usage.

Other Social Networks

I use Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis and so do most of the folks here at WDO Photography. Twitter I’m a little new to but I’m taking to it – I think. Facebook on the other hand is old-hat but I recently learned how to use better for the business. With the addition of a WDO Photography Page I’ve been able to add an little page rank booster and a way for “fans” to let me know what they think of my work – at least those fans that are on Facebook. There are not many of them yet but I expect the number to keep growing.

LinkedIn to Youtube?

I’m a still photographer but I’m loving the tutorials that some of my favorite photographers are putting together. I might think about adding some video in the future. I’m also on LinkedIn and yes even have one of the free Classmates.com memberships. I’ll take this time to say that any social network that wants you to pay to be able to use it (with the exception of dating websites) don’t deserve your business. There are too many “free” social networks and their membership will reflect that.