Targeted Social Network Posts

Facebook Page Suggestions, Group, and Event Invites

Hey folks – this is on my mind so even though I’m getting set for tonights Pittsburgh Penguins game against the detested New York Islanders I want to take the time to share some thoughts with you about Facebook page suggestions, group invites, and event invites. You know from reading my blog, seeing my website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed that I’m a social media consultant and while most of the work I do is client specific there are a lot of little tips and tricks that I freely give away partly because the information is freely available and partly because, if they are friends, fans, followers, or the like it actually helps me more than it helps them.

Stay on target …

Businesses use social networking websites to increase their bottom-line. Like most forms of advertising or promotion social network posts, events, and so on are a double-edged-sword. Sending status updates or event invites to ALL of your followers, fans, or “likers”, (whatever you want to call them), is missing the point of having a social media presence.

I’d like you to get to know me … yes I would …

The main reason that people like your business (people who you didn’t know before starting the business) is because they like you enough to want you to know what they want from you. Does that make sense?

With all the talk of privacy concerns and people claiming that they don’t like being tracked or watched by corporations these people are trusting you with knowing them, with knowing about them, and they are inviting you to market to them intelligently.

Consumers know that you are collecting information about them and while they don’t like it what they like less is when you don’t use that information to market to them in an intelligent way. It makes you look dumb and it reinforces their belief that you are not their friend, that you care more about their money than them, and that you don’t deserve to collect information about them.

Get to know your Facebook Fans

Your fans, by virtue of them becoming your fan, are willing to share information with you in order to find out valuable time-saving information that makes sense to them. They are willing to virtually become friends with you so treat them like they are your friends. The information they are providing to you is an act of friendship – they are making themselves marginally vulnerable, (or seriously vulnerable if you’re loose with their credit cards), it’s your turn to return the favor by treating them like a friend.

Knowing your Facebook fans is not enough

So now that you know them, now that you’re building trust why would you violate it, or pretend that you don’t know them when it comes time to send out promotional material.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about events, groups, messages, and other requests that you send to your fans and friends. If you are creating a Facebook event (as a Facebook page) and wish to invite people make sure that you invite people that are first and foremost within a geographical area that will allow them to attend. It should go without saying that you should never create an event that doesn’t physically happen. In other words – if you want a bunch of people to do something at a set time no matter where they are – don’t turn that into an event. Even worse if you want someone to say – vote for your business in a contest or something – don’t create an event to ask people to vote. Doing so is ignorant and wastes their valuable time.

Now that that is out of the way on to more important things. Facebook allows you to narrow your event invites by geological location – use that. They go farther in allowing you to target updates that you send by age, sex, and maybe one day by selecting individual fans (a man can dream can’t he).

If you are going to use your individual profile to invite people then by all means – don’t annoy people by inviting them to something they would not be interested in. I personally have 1200 some friends on Facebook. When I create an event or a page, when I do anything beyond sending a status update I try to make sure that they person whose time I’m taking up will see value in what I’m sending.

I’ll write more on the subject later – for now: GO PENS!