QR Codes

QR Codes are hot!

I’ve been watching my Google Analytics and I’ve seen a huge spike in traffic from folks searching for information on QR codes. I’m happy to see so many people interested in using QR codes in graphic design applications, on business cards, and on products (like they are doing on plants at Home Depot now). The reason that QR codes are so cool is because we can store so much information in those links plus we can save so much paper as an added bonus.

So with so much interest in QR codes I thought I’d post some links to sites where you can create your own QR codes:

  • QR Stuff – this is the site that I use to create codes – it’s a great site with lots of options.
  • QR Code Generator – I’ve used this site one or twice, no real opinion either way on it.
  • Kerem Erkan’s Generator – I’ve never used this but the reviews are really good.
  • Good Survey’s Generator – Good site with free tracking and analytics built-in.
  • BeQrious – interesting product that give you some options to control the look of the QR code.
  • Paperlinks – Allows you to create 1 free QR code but they are much more customizable and can be branded which may make paying for the extras worth it.

So there you have it  -there are a billion more QR code generating sites out there if you Google them. For the most part you probably will get everything you need out of one of the generators listed above but if you have a special need you can find many more QR code generators out there on the web.