Social Media Security Tips #1

This is the first in a periodic series of posts about social media security.

While reading my Facebook news feed this morning I came across about 4 postings of this:

In honor of the big wedding on Friday, find your royal wedding guest name. Start with either Lord or Lady. Your first name is one of your grandparents’ names. Your surname is the name of your first pet, double-barreled with the name of the street you grew up on. Let’s do this! Post yours here. Then cut and paste it into your status.

While these are often fun and they almost certainly were not started with malicious intent be aware that if any of your security questions on the numerous secure websites that you have vital information stored on are What is the name of the street you grew up on? or What was the name of your first pet? You might be making yourself vulnerable to identity theft.

Make sure before you post any fun little viral status updates like this or reply to someone else’s that you are aware of the data you’re handing out.

So remember (as you’re watching the British people’s money, $40M of it, being spent lavishly on a couple of people that did nothing to earn it) that even if you’re not using that information as a password recovery today you might be next week and while the lifespan of a Facebook post is short the data that you’re publishing in an unsecured location can still be accessed by people who know what they are looking for.

Be safe friends!