The Power of Multiple Admins on Your Facebook Page

First a Story

A parable if you will.

The other day I spotted a photo that was of the new veggie garden that Rothschild Doyno Collaborative had planted next to their architecture and urban design office in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. I’m on the board of directors of Neighbors in the Strip and I’m also a Facebook administrator. The Strip is a fairly industrial neighborhood and while we like our rough look and feel we’re also happy to see spots of green like this popping up. I was the only admin to be friends with the person who commented on the photo which is why I spotted it.

This means I was the only person who was able to share said photo on our Facebook page. If we didn’t have multiple administrators on the group’s Facebook page we would have missed this and many other opportunities to share what is happening in our community with potential visitors, investors, and residents.

Multiple Facebook Page Administrators

While you don’t want just anyone to be able to post under the name of your business having multiple administrators that are connected to the business and informed about the marketing plans is practically a must. If you’re correctly using Facebook for your business then you’re also taking advantage of Facebook for personal networking and are using it not just to talk to your friends, keep up with old classmates, and so on but are also acting as a personal representative of your business in the same capacity that you do offline everyday.

In your everyday business dealings you probably exchange contact information, hand out business cards, add people to your phone’s contact list, and so on. Facebook should be used the same way. If you see where there is enough potential value in this person that you’ve chosen to add them to your contact list ask yourself if there is also enough potential value that you should add them as a Facebook friend. Are they someone in your industry? Are they a potential buyer? Are they someone who can help your business advance? Are they someone that you might share interests with outside of a business relationship? Evaluate each person individually and if they seem right then ask them to be Facebook friends. Not everyone will say yes but that is because not everyone uses Facebook for business effectively.

Like it or not you represent your business.

This means that even when you punch out and go home you are still representing your business. When you go to the dentist you still are representing your business, when you play a round of golf or go to a restaurant, well, you get the idea. It’s the same thing on Facebook – like it or not. Now that we’ve accepted the fact that we can’t escape from our role as the face of our business we need to understand how that frees us to use our personal Facebook accounts, our profiles, to maximize  what we are doing on and with our business pages.

Facebook Events

If you’ve gotten on Facebook specifically to administer your business page then you now know that you’re missing out on some of Facebook’s greatest features like events. While your business can certainly create events you must personally be friends with people in order to invite them. Sure you can send out a message to all of your fans but that message doesn’t even show up in their regular inbox. If you’re not using your personal Facebook account to it’s fullest potential then you’re not going to have anyone to invite. The reverse is also true – if you and the other administrators ARE using your personal Facebook pages to network then you all can now reach out to those more businessy personal contacts and your event will have a better chance at being a success!

Events are just one of dozens of different ways that you can take advantage of your personal Facebook profile to increase business. Can you think of some of the other ways? Pop them in the comment section allow with your questions and let’s talk about them.