About Me

dons-round-faceIf we met at a party and you asked me what I do I’d tell you that I’m a designer but the truth is my first post-secondary education focused on photography and while I love photography and love photographing jobs for clients the industry has been in a state of constant change since about the time I started working professionally. This is mostly why design, especially web design, is the bulk of my work these days.

I typically photograph 3 to 5 assignments per month for clients but am always willing to take on more work if you’ve got an assignment that you’d like to discuss. On the design side I’m usually working on websites for a handful of clients each month as well as updating existing clients’ sites to ensure they’re secure and safe for their visitors. I can typically fit the start of a new website into my schedule in less than a week’s time so don’t hesitate to reach out if you’ve got a new site or redesign that you’re interested in having me take a look at.

Most of my graphic design work is in tandem with my web work but if you’ve got needs for a new logo or other graphic design project please email me via the contact page.

Committed To The Environment

With a passion for the human condition and a love of the natural world I do everything in my power to consume less and be as ecologically minded as possible.

I’m concerns about the climactic challenges ahead of us but confident that together we can change the world and create a more enjoyable life by employing ecologically mindful design principles.

I strive not just to build sustainable projects but projects that are regenerative. Sustainability is a noble goal but why stagnate?

I want to build abundance while using less energy and producing less waste.

Personal Time

I spend a great deal of time with my wife Teresa and our hairless pets Iggy, (our dog), Dobby, and Nargle (our cats).

We love being in the garden together. Our goal is to grow as much of our own food as we can.

I love to bake breads, make pasta, and cook veggies, and I’m passionate about growing fruit.

I’m a hockey and soccer fan and when not gardening, in the kitchen, playing, or watching sports I’m either riding my bike or doing some hobby woodworking.

Find out more about all of the miscellaneous things I’m involved in on the blog.


My family history is fascinating, to me at least. On my mother’s side we came from Ireland, Alsace Lorraine, Germany, and France. Large parts of that side of the family have been in United States for well over 100 years. On my father’s side of the family tree they only came over largely around the turn of the 20th century. My father’s paternal grandparents brought one son to the States from Ostrava in what is today the Czech Republic and set about making a number of other children once they got here. My father’s maternal grandparents came over separately from the same village, Hruštín, in what was then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire but is today Slovakia.

The Slovaks settled south of Pittsburgh in a coal patch town and managed to bring around a dozen kids into the world. They later moved to Eastern Ohio, just across the Ohio River from Wheeling which is where and how my grandparents met.

On my mother’s side I can trace our German roots back to the 1500’s but on my father’s side most of those records are not in the US. One day I’ll get to Europe and will add to what I already know.

Closer to home I’ve still got two living parents and two amazing sisters along with a set of great in-laws, a talented brother-in-law, and his equally talented long-term girlfriend (that we all hope he eventually marries).