Community Builder

Community Oriented Vision

2016-fall-communityI’m a passionate believer in the power of community. As a kid I grew up on a tight-knit suburban lane where all the families knew each other but when I was 9 we moved to a more isolated house where there were no other kids. That loss of community stuck with me. After college my wife and I moved to the Strip District where we lived in an apartment with a great sense of community.

While living in the Strip I joined and began to volunteer with the neighborhood community group. 

The Strip District

Today I’m an emeritus board member and the former president of the board of Strip District Neighbors (formerly Neighbors In The Strip). As president I helped the organization through a transition period where we made major changes in both staff and how we functioned. For a time I served as a de facto director while we searched for and found an incredible new Executive Director. During my time with Neighbors I learned a great deal about economic development, community development, public safety, and how to market a neighborhood. 

Building Strong Communities

Community development in the Strip District is challenging for many reasons but the neighborhood has an immense amount of momentum, a great business district, and a lot going for it. 

Over the past decade I’ve also worked with other neighborhood groups that face different challenges including Garfield Community Action Team, Lawrenceville United, Lawrenceville Corporate, Brighton Heights Citizens Federation, and others.

I’ve lead community meetings, worked to expand membership, helped search for and hire expert staff and strategic advisors, created membership and visitor’s newsletters, helped plan events, liaised with members of government, and helped manage federal grants.

I continue to work to build social capital and a sense of neighborhood ownership among residents and business owners. If you are interested in learning more or in hiring me to work with your business or community please contact me here.