Natural Building Consulting

Natural Building Consulting

Earth, wood, stone, and water are materials that have been used since prehistoric times to create a wide variety of objects including shelters. In the modern era we’ve come to understand and recognize much of the genius displayed by ancient designers. We can now explain why their designs worked so well through their geometry, thermal design, and via many other concepts that may have escaped explanation when they were most popular.

I first became interested in natural building in early 2010. My wife and I began to study natural buildings and even helped worked on several structures as well as ovens, benches, and walls. We’re building our own passive solar home out of super insulated straw bales built around a timber frame. We’ll include an earthen floor and a solarium/bio-shelter/greenhouse on the south face to provide additional thermal capture.

Natural Gas Free

One of our goals is to build a 100% natural gas free home. We may eventually build a biodigester that could provide methane for cooking but we plan to use natural building techniques to prevent us from needing any natural gas.

It’s a dream of mine to help make the Pittsburgh region less dependent on natural gas. We’re being ravaged by fracking which is unsustainable, dangerous, and destructive. We can’t however fault the companies while at the same time using their poisonous product and filling their pockets with our money that allow them to buy politicians and regulators who in turn trade away the future viability and abundance of our region for shiny pennies, extra decimal points in a spreadsheet, and more lucrative jobs for themselves.

Reduce Fracking – Go Natural

If you’re like me you too want to stop contributing to these evil companies and their antisocial and sociopathic executives. The good news is that you can. Contact me today and we can help you build a rocket mass stove, cob ovens, cob trombe walls, and/or a combination of these things which can reduce or possibly eliminate your use of natural gas.

Reduce Your Home Heating Bills Naturally, Cleanly, and Safely

Building a rocket mass heater can provide your home with days worth of radiant heat on only a bundle of small twigs and sticks. Too a rocket mass heater is nearly 100% energy efficient so rather than exhausting unburnt soot and other particles into the air for you and your neighbors to breath a rocket mass heater burns all of those particles so that the only exhaust is carbon dioxide and steam.

Many rocket mass heater chimneys are mistaken for dryer exhausts because of the steam and fairly low temperature air they release. That’s not to say I condone not getting your rocket mass stove permitted (if a permit is required). In fact I’d be happy to speak with any permitting agency to help them better understand the science and engineering behind them and to help them see that they are in fact far safer than traditional fireplaces and chimneys.

Get the Frack Out of Here

You can be the solution to reduce and discourage fracking and other dangerous methods of unsustainable energy gathering by proving that we don’t need it. If you’re interested in building a rocket mass stove or other means of reducing your energy use by using cheap, local, and fully natural materials then contact me today!