Information Analyst

2016-fall-dbaI’m a skilled information analyst. Understanding how data can be employed to help solve problems, answer hard questions, and help your business succeed in today’s markets is critical. I’ve helped both large and small organizations become more efficient through data collection and analysis. I offer database administration services, database design, specialized analysis of financial data and more. I’m plugged into a network of specialists that allows me to offer even more specialized analysis of the information you need to improve your organizational efficiency, knowledge, and more.

Data Collection

It all starts with data collection. I will work with you to understand what you need to collect. From there I can help you to understand what the data you’ve gathered means, I can help put that data into reports that you can understand, and can set up a data reporting system that will allow you to spend less time collecting and deciphering data and more time using it to solve organizational problems. 

Information Analysis Services

There is more to staying in business than just hitting sales numbers and the work done to reach those numbers can be complex. Understanding not only the amount of data you should be collecting but how that data relates and interacts is critical. I know it’s even more critical to understanding how you, your employees, investors, vendors, customers, potential customers, and any other people involved in the life of your organization interact and relate to that data. 

I can implement a variety of the following processes  to help you better understand how your business works:

  • Sales analysis
    • Sales time mapping
    • Sales personnel analysis
    • Sales process analysis
    • Price mapping
  • Financial reporting
    • Profit & loss reporting
    • Annual financial reports
    • Cash flow reporting
    • Detailed income statements
    • Assets vs liability tracking report
    • Vendor comparison reporting
  • Marketing Data Management
    • Social Media Monitoring
    • Social Media Interaction
    • Marketing Data Collection
    • Marketing Data Analysis
  • Business Process analysis
    • Workflow process analysis
    • Departmental relations  analysis
    • Internal satisfaction monitoring
    • External reputation monitoring
  • Business cost analysis
    • Logistics analysis
    • Cash-flow analysis
    • Inventory management
  • Client relationship management
    • CRM organization
    • CRM optimization
    • CRM to sales interaction