Permaculture Design

After studying permaculture for more than two years In 2011 I was received my Permaculture Design Certificate through a class provided by and at Phipps Conservatory here in Pittsburgh.

Whole System Design

Whole system design is not just for landscapes or agricultural design. I’ve developed a way to apply the principals of permaculture and the ecological design methodology to a wide variety of disciplines including web applications and product or service production and delivery. While I love to find ways to apply ecological design to problems not usually considered to be ecological in nature I have a special passion for natural systems and ecological and permaculture based problem solving.

I can evaluate, develop and work to implement designs that require less input, that have fewer down-stream problems, that will fit in better with sister-systems in the environment that it will be employed in and be easier to understand by end-users.

Food System Design

Are you looking to produce your own food via a homestead or to establish a farm? Let me help you design your farm so that it uses less water, uses less labor, and produces more.

Growing food can be energy intensive but if we apply the lessons of nature and design our process from the start then we can reduce the amount of energy we need to use and can increase our productivity.

Water Systems Management

Water is vital, we can’t live without it, and even in water-rich areas like South-Western Pennsylvania we can do a much better job managing the water that falls. Proper water management starts with good design that allows us to capture, use, and slowly sink the water we don’t use back into the ground.

I can help design a system that will maximize the capture and slow down the water coming onto your land so that you can use it and allow your plants and house to use it. There are a number of tools that can be employed depending on your slope, average rain-fall, and other features. I can design a key-line system, add swales, ponds, and waste-water management.

Natural Building Consultation

I’ve studied and actively participated in natural building projects since 2010. I’ve helped build several homes of cob (earthen materials) and straw bales, cob ovens, cob benches, and helped design many small natural building projects.

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Increasing Abundance

One of the goals of permaculture design is to increase abundance while reducing energy used to create that abundance if you’re interested in doing so and don’t know where to start or need some assistance contact me today.