Graphic Design

2016-fall-graphic-circleSince I was a boy I’ve had the desire to create and design and would often doodle or recreate logos for bands or products and would draw cartoons and caricatures that would often get me in trouble.

I started creating logos, illustrations, graphic user interfaces, visual identity pieces and a variety of other graphic designs professionally around the year 2000. Since then I’ve strengthened relationships with a number of other highly talented graphic designers and illustrators both locally and around the country. No matter what you’re looking for I can provide you with an exciting design the styles that you’re looking for.

Logo Design

Are you establishing a new business, product, or service? Are you an established business that has no formal logo or a logo that was not designed by a professional that understands typography, design, and visual marketing?

Call me and we will create a logo that matches the needs of your business be it eye-popping attention-grabbing or professional and confidence-inspiring. Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to schedule a free consultation today.

I design all logos in a vector format and can delivered your design in multiple formats for use in a variety of applications. What does vector mean?

Vector graphics can be scaled without risk of pixelation so you never need to worry about needing multiple sizes of the file. One EPS file can be used on a full-sized billboard along the highway and on a micro-business card or even as a favicon (that little logo on your browser tab or in front of your web address in the address bar). All cost will be discussed prior to any work being done and a deposit is required from all of our clients.

Print Advertising Layout

Far too few businesses understand how to harness the power of advertising or how impactful advertising is for their business.

The written word possesses power in both the meaning of the words and their presentation. Marrying words with graphics, colors, and other visual content can create emotional reactions and provide a compelling call to action. I can help you choose your words carefully to provide not only the message you want to get across but also the emotional state that you want the reader to find themselves in after reading it.

Advertising shouldn’t annoy but intelligent and memorable advertising is increasingly hard to find. The team of designers and writers that I work with can deliver advertising that people pay attention to and will remember without needing to rely on tired gimmicks and out dated routines.

Business Card Design

Your business card is the identity piece that you leave behind so even if it’s not your first impression it is your lasting impression. Let me design a business card that matches your existing visual marketing and presents your brand how you want it presented. All business card designs are delivered in a non-vector format scaled to size. If you are planning on a non-traditionally sized business card please include that in your request.

Few people carry an entire visual marketing catalog with them at all times but every professional should, at all times, have their business cards on them. You just never know when you’re going to meet that next client and you don’t want to look unorganized or unprofessional. Call me today and let’s get your business cards designed and ordered.

Brochure & Rack Card Design

Brochures and rack cards can serve as both a leave-behind or a send-ahead. They highlight your business or a single product or service and they’re a great way to get a certain amount of information out to your customers.

Both brochures and rack cards can be mailed to prospective clients or placed in racks at restaurants, hotels, and a variety of other places. A good brochure or rack card must stand out from other cards on a rack and provide all the information that their target viewer should need. Even if you’re hand delivering a brochure or rack card your client isn’t going to frame it, they’re going to file it, pile it, or toss it in a drawer. When the time comes for them to find it you want it to stand out so call me today and let’s create a brochure or rack card that they won’t be able to miss.

Let me create a compelling brochure or rack card that provides your target audience with all the information they need. Visually the brochures and rack cards I design call attention to themselves while explaining their purpose clearly in the fractions of a second that it has as the viewer scans over it. Don’t let your card or brochure get lost in the shuffle. Call me today.


When words and copy are not enough we can create irresistible illustrations that can be trusted to deliver your message. From cartoons and caricatures to detailed accurate drawings I can deliver the illustration that you’re looking for. I’ve been hand drawing since I was a child and illustrating digital images for more than 15 years. If you need illustration work call me today.

3D Design & Drafting

My first drafting client hired me when I was a junior in high school. I was hired to produce CAD drawings of very precise equipment for a company that built engine and oil coolers for industrial applications including for aircraft and large diesel trucks.

Today I produce and deliver 3D vectors that can scale up or down so the engineers and builders can see very small details and in one quick zoom the entire project. No matter what you need a 3D rendering of I can produce several digital formats and provide large scale architectural and engineering drawings. If you need something rendered in 3D, no matter how detailed or complex call me today.

Please use the following form to schedule an appointment to discuss your graphic design needs.