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My design philosophy is simple. I want to create a better world. I want to design a world that works better for people, one that is more just and equitable. I want to build a world more ergonomic, more efficient, less energy intensive, and that is self-healing. To do this I engage with projects that focus on community, inclusivity, and ecology.

People and planet are at the heart of what I do and the link between them is always present when I’m working on a project. Design with these attributes is robust design. Robust design is meant to last and be adaptive. Robust design is less energy intensive and more ecological. I reject planned obsolescence and the idea of generating throw-away designs.

When you’re ready to engage with a designer that is focused on creating designs that stand the test of time, that are inclusive to all people, and that consider the health of people and planet use the contact form below to contact me.

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I’m available for clients in Pittsburgh, throughout Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, Northern and Eastern WV, and Western Maryland.