UX Design

User Experience Design or UX Design centers on the needs of the user, the people who products and services are targeted at. It focuses on building an understanding of the user and their needs by employing empathetic information gathering (surveys, interviews, making session) and building prototypes and complete products that are tested by users throughout the process.

UX design is key to building a product or service that functions well, doesn't frustrate the user, and accomplishes the goal it was designed for efficiently.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is solution focused innovation. I used Design Thinking to solve complex UX problems.

Don, leading a community based project to clean up and make functional a garden at a local senior center.

Design Thinking is a process taught at universities around the world including, and most famously, at the d.school at Stanford University. It's solution focused and highly user-centric.

Understanding your customers needs results in solution that are technologically feasible, meets your business needs, and deliver a product or service your clients enjoy using.

Below you'll find links to a list of projects that I've lead or been a part of where I used my skills as a designer, employed design thinking, and created a better outcome for the people who will use the products or services that I helped design.

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UX Design Projects

I've managed or been a team member on a number of successful UX design projects.

  • Weight Loss as a Design Challenge

    Create a healthier life for myself and others through defining good health personally More Information

  • Materials Management Project

    Build a better organized laundry system by rejecting the restraints of the current binary system

  • NAFEX Digital Strategy

    A nonprofit dedicated to fruit growing branches out. More Information

  • Commercial Kitchen Relocation

    Save a non-profit and help its clients thrive despite eviction and the threat of liquidation

  • Private Park Design

    Increase engagement, buffer against crime, and beautify a neighborhood

  • Voter Engagement Project

    Help marginalized groups in one city council district make their voices heard

  • Senior Center Garden Activation

    Helped restore a garden at a senior center by using raised beds that sit at a height seniors can comfortably use

This section is under construction. It will feature a list of links to past projects which is currently being collected and sorted. Please check back soon. In the meantime please feel free to use the contact form to ask for any information regarding the list above which includes some of the projects that I'm most proud of.