Design Thinking

Design Thinking is solution focused innovation. I’ve used Design Thinking to solve a variety of complex problems. My design abilities are powerful tools that your organization can employ to find answers to very complicated problems or to develop new projects that require overcoming serious challenges. Design is what I do. Design is not all that I do.

The design process I follow is taught at universities around the world including, and most famously, at the at Stanford University. It’s a solution focused approach to solving problems. I focus on solutions, not on problems and approach problem solving with the goal of generating a deep empathetic understanding of the needs of the end user. By understanding your clients & customers needs we can build a solution that is technologically feasible, meets the needs of your business and delivers a product or service to your clients that solves their problems.

Design Thinking+

In addition to being a designer I am an analyst. I can not only help you create new solutions but I can help you increase efficiency, recognize unnecessary redundancies, and reorganize parts of your business that need reorganized. I call what I do Design Thinking+ because it incorporates two modes of thinking, that of the creator and that of the editor.

I am both designer and analyst. To design is to create. To analyze is to refine. Knowing when you need which is important and it’s something that I can help you figure out.


Designers like myself find solutions. I work in concert with you and your team to define the question at the heart of wicked problems then to find new ways to solve those problems by answering the questions.


Analysis is a critical component in refining existing processes. When you know what you’re doing is working but you think it could work better is when you need an analyst. Analysts like myself map out your processes and increase efficiency, alert you to potential issues, point out where you can reduce redundancies where they’re not needed and suggest where to add them where they are needed.

Design Thinking+

Hire Me Because

Hire me because you have a complicated problem or project that needs the vision and guidance that only a designer can provide and the keen eye and process evaluation skills of an analysis. I solve problems by creating innovative solutions for businesses and nonprofits. I understand that innovation is a mindset. Beyond that I can easily switch modes from creator to editor. I’ve been doing it my whole working life.

I can not only help you create new solutions but I can help you narrow down those solutions to the correct choice. I can not only provide you with answers but I can help you understand the correct one. I can not only help you create something new but I can also help you increase efficiency in what you’ve been doing for a long time. You don’t do that with innovation, you do that with analysis and I can switch between those modes of thinking to help you in ways that other designers can’t.

Design Thinking Project List

Some of the projects that I’ve worked on are listed below. I’m currently redesigning my site and more details will be added to each item on the list soon. Please check back soon to read more and join my mailing list to be kept informed when new content is added or new projects are detailed.

More projects and details about them will be added in the next few weeks. If you have any questions in the meantime please use the contact form below.

Content Management

Your content is your message. It’s the answer to your client’s problems. I will help you ensure that you’re content is answering the questions that your clients are asking.

As a designer my job is to solve problems. As a business owner your products or services are the answers. Connecting you with clients looking for the answers you’re providing requires a curated approach that starts with a deep understanding of what your clients are looking for. I will help you understand your clients.

Understanding your clients needs increases sales, eliminates confusion, and leads to happier customers. Together we will make your customers happy and your business stronger.

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