Design Thinking

Design Thinking is solution focused innovation. I’ve used Design Thinking to solve a variety of complex problems. My design abilities are powerful tools that your organization can employ to find answers to very complicated problems or to develop new projects that require overcoming serious challenges. Design is what I do. Design is not all that I do.

Design Thinking+

In addition to design thinking I am an analyst. I can not only help you create but I can help you increase efficiency, recognize unnecessary redundancies, and reorganize parts of your business that need reorganized. I call what I do Design Thinking+ because it incorporates two modes of thinking, that of the creator and that of the editor. I providing you both mode of thinking on one invoice. I am both designer and analyst.

Hire Me Because

Hire me because you have a complicated problem or project that needs the vision and guidance that only a designer can provide and the keen eye and process evaluation skills of an analysis. I solve problems by creating innovative solutions for businesses and nonprofits. I understand that innovation is a mindset. Beyond that I can easily switch modes from creator to editor. I’ve been doing it my whole working life.

I can not only help you create new solutions but I can help you narrow down those solutions to the correct choice. I can not only provide you with answers but I can help you understand the correct one. I can not only help you create something new but I can also help you increase efficiency in what you’ve been doing for a long time. You don’t do that with innovation, you do that with analysis and I can switch between those modes of thinking to help you in ways that other designers can’t.

Design Thinking Project List

Some of the projects that I’ve worked on are listed below. I’m currently redesigning my site and more details will be added to each item on the list soon. Please check back soon to read more and join my mailing list to be kept informed when new content is added or new projects are detailed.

  • Connector.

    Weight Loss as a Design Challenge

    How I hacked my way to better health. Read about on my blog.

  • Connector.

    Materials Management Project

    Laundry is a problem. I found the solution.

  • Connector.

    NAFEX Strategic Design

    A nonprofit dedicated to fruit growing branches out.

  • Connector.

    Commercial Kitchen Relocation

    With the help of an amazing nonprofit partner the Market Cooks got a new lease on life. Read about it under projects.

  • Connector.

    Private Park Design

    Designing a park in a high crime low income neighborhood is challenging. Read about it under projects.

There will be more projects added and more details added to the projects listed in the next few weeks. If you have any questions in the meantime please use the contact form below.

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