Visual Design

Visual design enhances the user experience (UX). That simple belief is at the heart of every design I’ve produced over the past decade. Good graphic and web design communicates important information efficiently. Good visual design is clear and understandable beyond language barriers and with near immediacy. This is what I strive for in every design I complete.

I’m currently redesigning my website. Examples of both my web and graphic design work will be viewable on this page very soon. Please check back in a few days to see those examples.

Digital Design

I will work with you to produce any digital design products which you need that often fall into the following categories:

  • Logo & Identity
  • Website templating
  • Website graphics
  • Launch/Landing Pages
  • Web forms
  • Application Interfaces
  • Marketing Email Templates
  • Digital Forms/Surveys

Print Design

I will design for print any number of products which you need for your business to succeed. Here are some of the categories I provide print product designs for:

  • Logo & Identity
  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Signage
  • Mailers
  • Publication Ads
  • Other Advertisements

Content Management

Creating a compelling visual design is important but the content you deliver to your clients and potential customers matters more. This is why I’m proud to offer my services as a design thinker. I will help you ensure that the content you deliver to your clients is working for both your business and your clients. I will then help you to manage that content always keeping your customer’s needs in sharp focus.

Content Management production includes content creation for a variety of platforms and in a variety of mediums:

  • Facebook Twitter posts
  • Video content for Youtube and websites
  • Snapchat & Instagram Photos and stories
  • Blog Posts and other original site based content

Content Management Highlight

The Makeshop Show

In collaboration with the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh and the Schmutz Company I was an executive co-producer, director, and editor for the Make Shop Show, an educational web series based in the Museum's maker space, The Make Shop.

We produced original video content with local makers and children, for children.