I’ve worked as a professional photographer in and around Pittsburgh, PA for nearly 2 decades. I’ve captured everything from portraits, events, weddings, news, and sports for a range of clients including small businesses, large corporations, nonprofits, artists, families, and individuals.


As a child I loved to draw, as an adult I’ve designed everything from small identity pieces (logos, letterhead, business cards), to full visual marketing campaigns involving web design, graphic design, 2D and 3D designs, and more. Lately I’ve been working on more physical designs including landscapes and environmental designs.


I’ve always sought truth and looked for meaning while expressing myself in visual formats through multiple mediums from performance art to visual arts. I’ve exhibited internationally and have been showing my work for more than a decade. I’m always interested in private commissions or new avenues to display my work.

Community Organizer

For about a decade I’ve been involved in community organizing, serving most recently as president of the board of Strip District Neighbors (Neighbors) and though my time as president recently ended I was given the honor of being named an emeritus member. As president I helped the organization through a transition period where we made major changes in both staff and how we functioned. For a time I served as a de facto director while we searched for and found an incredible new Executive Director. During my time with Neighbors I learned a great deal. I am as committed as ever to the ideals of citizens working together to better their communities and more than willing to share my knowledge with those who share my passion.

About Me

dons-round-faceI live in Pittsburgh, PA with my wife, Teresa, a clinical pharmacist and our collection of hairless pets. I’m dedicated to living an ecologically mindful life and love to be in nature when I’m not stuck inside working. I play recreational soccer and like to bike. My wife and I are building a timber framed passive solar straw bale house that should require little to no heat in the winter and very little to no cooling in the summer.

We hope to grow a significant percentage of our own food on our small acreage (at least 20%) and we otherwise eat as locally and sustainably as we can. I’m a member of the North American Fruit Explorers, a collection of fruit growers that includes orchardists and home growers, I love to bake bread  but due to my health I can’t eat a whole lot of the breads, pizza, and pasta that I make but I’m diving head-first into learning how to make more tasty veggie meals as a result.

I grew up in Wheeling, WV and still have family there, growing up in a small town in a struggling midwestern rust-belt town during the 80’s and 90’s taught me a lot and I certainly had a lot of fun learning even if it was quite often the hard way.

To find out more about me please email me via the contact page.

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