About W. D. Orkoskey & Assoc.

About W. D. Orkoskey

Founded in 2007 by W. D. "Don" Orkoskey II, W. D. Orkoskey Design and Development is a design and development business and consultancy based in Pittsburgh, PA and working throughout western Pennsylvania, Northern and Eastern West Virginia, Eastern Ohio, and globally through the web.

Specializing in helping small businesses develop their presence on the internet, W. D. Orkoskey is committed to helping merchants, entrepreneurs, small business people, and those looking to start a business as well as non-profits to establish their websites, develop their branding, visual marketing, communications, and to find and develop customers.

Don has built a team of dedicated professionals, experts in their respective fields, who assist him in ensuring his customers reach their customers, exceed their customer's expectations, and find sustainable revenue streams for minimal investment.

Since 2007 Don and his team have helped clients around Pittsburgh and beyond to grow their businesses, present a unified visual message, create compelling content, conduct sales, and be successful. If you're interested in finding out more please reach out to W. D. Orkoskey today and ask for a meeting. Don and his team are happy to meet with you and explain how they can help you and your organization to grow and succeed.

Past Projects

Don and his team have been involved in some exciting projects. Don helped save the "Market Cooks" community commercial kitchen when the Pittsburgh Public Market closed. He and a team of dedicated individuals teamed up with La Dorita in Sharpsburg to keep the program going and the equipment being used. Don served as an advisor on the Sustainable City's Design Academy project on the Strip District's Allegheny Riverfront. Don has photographed events for Comcast, the Atlantic Magazine, The Veterans of Foreign Wars, and more but the most rewarding work that Don and his team has been part of is the work they've done with small businesses and nonprofits to increase their presence on the web, develop cohesive visual branding and graphic design treatments that increase their professional look, and to help them craft content that gets noticed and attracts new business.

See more about past projects here.

About W. D. Orkoskey

W. D. Orkoskey IIW. D. "Don" Orkoskey II is the founder and owner of W. D. Orkoskey. Don is the principal designer, developer, photographer, videographer, and community development consultant at W. D. Orkoskey. He studied photography, graphic design, information science, and web development and has worked as a professional in these creative fields since 1998.

Don lives in Pittsburgh where he's active in community development, captains a recreational soccer team, runs, plays piano, gardens and teaches others photography, gardening, natural building, and other skills.

Don is passionate about people and the planet. A serious environmentalist and advocate for climate action Don prefers to walk or bike to meetings or telecommute whenever possible. Don is also passionate about regenerative design, permaculture, community, mutual aid, human rights, and equality.

Don grew up in Wheeling, WV, a rust-belt town situated on the Ohio River an hour south-west of Pittsburgh. Growing up Don saw the first-hand effects of reckless resource extraction, poverty, racism, sexism, classism, and other form of discrimination. Witnessing those events shaped him and have kept a passion for people and human rights burning inside of him for over 40 years.