About Don Orkoskey

Thank you for your interest in finding out more about Don Orkoskey, (that's me). I'm an artist, photographer, and designer.

You can find out all about my professional photography work at my company's website, WDOphoto.com. I'm a full time professional photographer specializing in events, portraits, and more. Visit my site to learn more about my professional work. My photography work that I'll showcase and discuss here is of a far more personal nature.

Much of my artistic work is centered in the medium of photography but I've also worked as a performance artist over the years, produced and edited videos, created music, worked as a puppeteer, and taught children and adults artistic crafts.


My art, including my photographic art, examines the role that systems play in our lives. Much of modern life is systematized. These systems are often created by and maintained for those with enormous wealth and power.

I come from a working class family. I've traced my lineage back on both sides and found laborers, merchants, and serfs. My history and the people I care deeply for are those who nearly always lack direct access to the reins of power.


My steel working and coal mining ancestors fought for everything they had with the only power they could gather - the power of community. It's no wonder much of my work over the years has focused on community development, community building, and on working people seeking little more than fair access to the fruits of their own labor.

Don Orkoskey

Personal Life

I'm very passionate about my work as a photographer, artist, and designer, but I also take time for myself and my family.

My wife Zhanna and I have a cat named Glasha and a few too many fish. Zhanna is currently finishing work on her PhD at the University of Pittsburgh.

We like to bike, hike through natural areas, and I play football (soccer). I'm also involved with a number of causes that I care about and active in a number of social, trade, and community groups including Strip District Neighbors where I am an Emeritus Member of the Board after serving 4 years as president during very challenging times. I am currently the Secretary of the Board for the Pittsburgh chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers.

Don and Zhanna at Niagara Falls
Glasha the Cat