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View my portfolio and see how my exploration of the systems at play all around us shows up in my work. 

I'm photographer, artist, and designer Don Orkoskey and this is my portfolio. Here you will find examples of my photography, art, and design work broken out into separate galleries for easier exploration.

In all of my work I explore the systems that impact our lives. This includes those we build ourselves, those that occur naturally, and those that are built by the wealthy and powerful and maintained for their benefit often at the expense of the needs of others and the planet. I'm drawn to exploring systems and patterns because of our tendency to believe that they are immutable and perpetual even if they are fragile and ephemeral.

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Fine Art Photography Dreamland 7
My fine art photography, like my other artwork, is focused on examining human-made and natural system and their impact on the world. To see my commercial photography work please visit
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Art Portfolio with David T. English
How do human-made and natural systems impact us? How do those with immense power and wealth maintain systems that harm the planet, working people, and the other inhabitants of our one-and-only planet?
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Design Portfolio Patterns and Interconnection
Design can benefit the powerless or the powerful. Through my design work I'm mindful of how any design I create can be used to advance things such as equality or be abused to maintain power structures that benefit a few powerful people.
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