Design Portfolio

I am driven to study systems and my design portfolio reflects that drive. It may reflect it more than my fine art photography or artist portfolio do. My design portfolio is a bit of a catch-all for work that I've done over the years that cannot be described as photography or artistic work. It may be community development work, graphic or web design, or something else entirely. I've tried to break the design items in this portfolio down by type wherever possible so it's easier to navigate the page. If you have any comments or questions visit the contact page and reach out. I'd love to talk with you!
WDOphoto Website

Web Design

WDO Photography  [2007 - current]- my commercial photography website is a prime example of my web design skills. I've managed both and on WordPress since 2007. Additionally I've been dozens of websites for small and midsized organizations and events.

Not wanting to be a website manager (for companies other than my own) I always used a content management system such as WordPress. This allowed me to teach my clients how to manage their own website. In the olden days (the mid 00s) that was revolutionary. Today thanks to WordPress and other companies such as SquareSpace the practice of managing own's own website is really common.

I still use WordPress because I like the flexibility that it gives me as a visual designer with just enough knowledge of coding to create sites that function the way that I want them to. Of course these days there are more and more add-ons and plugins that do everything you could ever want. That still gives WP an advantage in my opinion because they have more and many are free.

I recently redesigned the WDO Photography website. Today the site gives visitors a greater choice of the types of photography that I'm doing. When the pandemic started I was doing more events than anything else but since I've had to transition to more portraits as well as teaching. The redesign of the website puts all of that stuff up front making it far less frustrating to find those things and for people to book an appointment.

3D DesignLandscape Design

Landscape Design

As a certified permaculturist I've been interested in landscape design for more than 15 years. I've long wanted to build my own home and worked on a design with my former wife and a timber framer for over 10 years. My focus was not only on the home but on the landscape around the house providing a lot of food and other benefits including shade in the summer and wind protection in the winter.

It's still a dream to have a large plot of land to build a natural building. If you're not familiar natural buildings are climate appropriate. In some areas buildings made of earthen materials (stone, adobe, cob, rammed earth) are more efficient and the materials are easier to gather locally. Whereas in some areas straw bale homes make far more sense and in others an abundant supply of timber makes wood homes the obvious choice.

I learned a lot over the nearly decade long house planning process including interior design methodologies but my passion was always in laying out the land.

During that time I submitted several designs for park and natural spaces. I designed projects to help property owners and public entities to improve their land use. Much like my other design work the focus here was on creating systems that were resilient, self-replicating, and that helped both the human and non-human users of these spaces.


Physical Design

My physical design practices include home building, woodworking, and book binding. I'm someone who loves to create systems that are regenerative, heal the planet, people, and other living beings, and that are resilient. I've designed and built all sorts of things in the physical world from shelves and hampers to decks and whole houses from wood, straw bales, and earthen materials.

I've sculpted objects from clay and designed physical objects such as packages and books. I quite enjoy book binding and the art of designing book covers. I've created several books including designing and building a copy of River Song's diary from Doctor Who.

River Song's diary was one of my all time favorite design projects. Sourcing the materials to create the cover wasn't easy. Getting the cover right and making the three-dimentional shapes of the TARDIS found on the book was another challenge. The book was created for some friends as a baby book to chart the growth of their child and to record things for her to know in the future. It included a set of quotes from Doctor Who and other favorite science fiction writers.