Bird Photographer

Pro Photographer Don OrkoskeyI'm Pittsburgh nature and bird photographer Don Orkoskey. I've long been fascinated with birds. There is nothing I'd rather be doing than watching and photographing birds. I'm a full time working photographer. I own my own photography business. When I'm not working for other people you'll usually find me, photographing birds. Birds are fascinating, I can't help it.

I live full time in Pittsburgh, PA where I do a lot of my nature and bird photography. Additionally, I love to travel, especially to wild areas where I can photograph birds and other amazing nature and wildlife.

Monthly Nature Photography Meetups

Join me on a monthly nature photography meetup. This meetup attracts a lot of birders and others interested in wildlife photography. To find out more about that check out my class schedule over at or sign up for my monthly newsletter.

Bird Photography Portfolio

Below you'll find some of my favorite bird photos. If you're interested in learning more please contact me to set up a appointment. All the photos you see below are available for purchase.

Bird Photographers

I'm always interested in meeting and getting to know other bird photographers. If you're a bird photographer who is interested in connecting please contact me. Are you a bird photographer in the Pittsburgh area and want to meet up or discuss work? I'd love to do so!

Pittsburgh bird photography

Having Pittsburgh as my base of operation as a bird photographer gives me a myriad of benefits. First, we have a great local community of birds and birders. The Laurel Highlands and Appalachian Mountains are nearby. Too, the large stretches of the Great Lakes are within a day's drive. Additionally, our airport puts me within a few hours flights from some of the best bird photography destinations in North America.