I'm Don Orkoskey, a professional photographer, artist, designer, and teacher. I want to understand the systems that surround us, influence our behavior and affect our future. This is the focus of my art and photography. Some of these systems are natural, some are manmade. Some are beneficial, some are harmful. Some we've created ourselves and some are handed down through trauma or other means. Others still are created by people to benefit them without or with little consideration of the harm that they cause the rest of us.

I believe by examining and better understanding these systems we can create a more thoughtfully curated world. I don't believe this is an easy or quick process but I believe it is the work that we all must do in order to see progress and in order to build a better world. I believe that artist, photographers, and other creators can help lead us in examining these systems and questioning how to improve the world.

Through my fine art photography I examine the systems which are impacting our lives. From the madness of our continuing fossil fuel extraction and dependence on cars and the American drive for individuality vs. community. To natural systems that work exceptionally well without intervention. I want to understand these systems and question or deconstruct those which cause harm.
I've always made art but I've never cared for the way art is commodified as a means to avoid taxation. I don't make art for those who embezzle and steal from the working class. I make art that makes me laugh, ask questions, and provides answers. My art isn't a tax dodge. Support me on Patreon to further my goal of exposing and deconstructing harmful systems.
I'm driven to design and build things. I like to solve problems and sometimes the only way I can do so is to build the solution myself. I build websites with the goal of creating aesthetically pleasing and as easy to use sites as possible. Many of my clients are small business owners whose clients want a frustration-free experience and that's what I deliver.

I am fascinated with our world and how it works. I love sharing my fascination and the things that I've learned, the skills I've mastered including photography and visual communication. I see teaching as a multidimensional process where I can not only share knowledge but can hear and experience other points of view that keep my understanding growing.

I currently teach photography, videography, storytelling, art making, & more.

Contact me to hire me, talk about collaboration, or even just to leave a few friendly words. Chances are good that we can find a way to help each other out. If not now, in the near future. Connections welcome!

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Question Everything.

Especially the systems that confine you and define your world. Systems you've made, systems which far more powerful people have made, even natural systems. Learn how these systems work. Challenge and deconstruct systems that harm you and those you love. Disrupt and corrupt systems which harm others, especially those without agency, and those that harm the world around us.

We have the power, it is within us but we have to understand how these systems work and adjust the role we play within them in order to build a better world.

Release Your Tension
Your time is precious. Focus on what matters.
Forget all of the noise, find the signals. Tune into what speaks to you and tune out everything else. Relax your shoulders, unclench your jaw, take a deep breath then go get a drink of water.

I'm a neurodivergent person.

That means my brain functions a little differently than a neurotypical brain. Some people say people like me are more creative, better at problem solving, and able to think about the big picture and see it differently. I suppose that's true.

Sometimes it's a real struggle though. For decades I've been told to bottle up my authentic self and mask who I am. I'm learning how to undo this and to express my authentic self. I am who I am and I love myself. This is one of the systems that I'm actively working to dismantle.

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I hope that my work inspires you; that you will begin to ask questions about the systems that impact all of us. At a minimum I hope you'll think about the systems that impact you. You are surrounded by systems you've build intentionally as well as through unconscious means. Additionally you're impacted by systems that others have created. Many of those systems were not created with your needs being considered.

I hope that you will begin to examine those systems and ask if they're healthy or if they need to be changed and will put forth the work to change them. When we come together we can accomplish great things. Together we can both topple tyrants and build healthy communities.

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