I’m a designer. I use Design Thinking to solve problems. What is Design Thinking? It’s ideation, reframing, and an empathetic focus on customers. I use it help my clients find solutions to their and their customer’s problems. I’m also a visual designer, a professional photographer, and artist.

I’ve always been passionate about design. I think in pictures and love to prototype solutions. I enjoy applying what I know to complicated problems.

If you’re a business owner or lead a nonprofit and you’re struggling with a difficult issue in the fields of management, productivity, data, marketing, or sales contact me today. I will confidentially discuss your problem and work with you to find a solution that works.

Design Thinker

Design is more than graphics or coding. It truly is a third discipline on the same level as the sciences and humanities. Design is a way to understand the world. I use design thinking to create solutions. Find out more.

Visual Designer

From graphic design to web design I can help you visually represent your organization to the world.  I’ve been a visual designer my entire life and have understood the world best through the lens of visual design. Find out more.


I’ve worked as a professional photographer for nearly 2 decades. I feel at home with the camera in my hand composing photos. Most often I’m asked to photograph events but I’m comfortable capturing anything from static subjects such as buildings and landscapes to more mobile subjects such as portraits and even fast moving complicated events such as sports. Find out more.


I resisted calling myself an artist for years but gradually got more comfortable with the label after using art to help teach children how to tell their stories and express themselves. I’ve created a variety of works from visual art to performances and worked solo and in collaboration with other artist. Find out more.

Community Developer

For about a decade I’ve been involved in community organizing, serving most recently as president of the board of Strip District Neighbors (Neighbors) and though my time as president ended I was given the honor of being named an emeritus member. As president I helped the organization through a transition period where we made major changes in both staff and how we functioned. For a time I served as a de facto director while we searched for and found new staff. During my time with Neighbors I learned a great deal. I am as committed as ever to the ideals of citizens working together to better their communities and more than willing to share my knowledge with those who share my passion.


I’ve participated in and lead a number of projects over the years where I’ve applied Design Thinking or which demonstrate my creativity and passion about a variety of subjects from community building to the environment.

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