I’m a designer. I use design thinking to solve problems. I have an natural empathetic focus on people and the problems we encounter. I enjoy finding and defining the root problem, asking questions, exploring potential answers, and working with clients and their clients to build solutions. I understand how to use ideation, prototyping, and testing to create the best possible outcomes. I use design thinking to help my clients create better, more effective and efficient products that satisfy their customers. Take a look at my portfolio to find out more and then contact me today.

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Use this contact form to tell me the wicked problem you’re having an issue resolving. Together, using design thinking or advanced analytics, we will create a solution.

Tell me your problem, give me your name and your email address, and within 48 hours I will contact you. I’ve helped organizations of all sizes and helped individuals. I’ve helped nonprofits and struggling business owners and I promise that I can help you.


I’ve participated in and lead a number of projects over the years where I’ve applied design thinking techniques, advanced analytics, or which simply demonstrate my creativity and passion about a variety of subjects from community building to the environment and from business development to solving difficult social issues.

I’ve helped hundreds of people, communities, and companies and I can help you. If you want to know more about the projects that I’ve been involved with click the button below.

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