Pittsburgh Photography Classes

There are no upcoming Events at this time.

In my Pittsburgh photography classes you'll receive in person instruction on how to use your equipment, how to make proper exposures of the subjects you love, how to create beautifully composed pictures, and so much more. From beginners to advanced classes are available frequently but private lessons are always available. Private lessons are customized for exactly what you want to learn.

See a list of the current group classes that I'm teaching below. If no class is listed please contact me about private lessons or to see when I expect to have my next group class and what subjects will be covered.

Photography Classes

I offer a variety of photography classes throughout the year covering everything you need to know from how to pick up and use your camera to advanced techniques such as lighting, posing, lighting, and photographing people, editing with Photoshop and Lightroom, and more. I teach classes on specialized types of photography including nature, landscape, wildlife, macro, astrophotography, portraiture, and more. No matter what type of photography or skill level you want to learn I can teach you.

If you're interested in private lessons contact me. I can teach all aspects of photography and videography. Learn how to use your camera, learn about exposure, composition, and/or advance skills.

Photography classes make a great gift. Order a gift-card for yourself or someone you love who loves photography!

Be sure to visit WDOphoto.com to see more of my commercial photography work.

Arts Education

Are you or your children interested in adding more art and creative expression into your life?

Contact me to discuss how we you can learn new skills or increase your skills when it comes to creative practices.

Art helps us communicate, explore concepts and ideas, and get to know ourselves better. Art is communication and communication is the glue that holds us together in community. We can explore trauma, complex emotions, and innovative new ideas through the arts.

With more schools cutting arts education, private art classes or group classes outside of the school system are more important than ever. The focus on STEM and away from the humanities mean that our children are not learning how to use vital tools and skills which they will need no matter what they plan to do in the future. Arts education is critical to helping them understand who they are.

Benefits of Arts Education

The benefits of arts education are numerous and many of these benefits are measurable. Art and photography classes do more than entertain. When children and adults engage with making art, learning or expanding their knowledge of a craft they gain concrete and discrete benefits. Arts education promotes creative thinking which is critical to problem solving and reasoning but it also intersects with scientific and mathematical thinking. Additionally learning an art or craft such as photography increases our abilities to reflect on and understand ourselves, our environment, culture, and so much more.

Benefits To Learning Photography

The benefits of learning photography include more than just the joy of creating. Photography is a math intensive craft. Every picture, or exposure, is a balanced equation using the variables of time, volume, and sensitivity to gather light. Optics, angles of view, focus and depth of field, these are all inherently mathematical. You can learn photography without math but you can't understand photography without it.

Photography classes increase awareness of the world. We begin to look at light and shadow differently. Learning to anticipate the actions that other people and animals are going to take we start to see the world as a vivid visual symphony. Our empathy and understanding of the world increases.