Don Orkoskey

Contact Pro Photographer Artist Designer Don OrkoskeyContact Don Orkoskey (that's me) about my art, my photography work, or my design work.

Call me at 412.206.9364 or use the contact form on this page to reach out with questions, comments, to buy my art work or to hire me for a design or photography job.

Don Orkoskey
7120 Harrison Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15218

I'm happy to do remote work for anyone anywhere in the world. Most of my person work happens close to home, Pittsburgh, PA but I travel within 60 miles of the city regularly. Beyond 60 miles requires travel fees and 90 miles or farther may require an accommodations fee. 

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Don't contact Don (me) if you're trying to sell SEO, web design, or any other commercial service. If you're good at what you do and I need your services I promise I will find you. I'm an xenial and like my millennial friends I prefer not to be bombarded with commercial offerings. When I need something I will search and find it. Sending me unsolicited messages, especially those which don't pay attention to the fact that I am myself a web designer and photographer are really off-putting. Before you click submit on that contact form please be aware of these facts.

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