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Welcome to the Orkoskey Nature Photography Blog. Here you'll find articles I've write mostly about a lot of stuff, including nature photography, other types of photography, ecological issues, social issues, fine art, design, and more. Oh I also write warnings about some truly terrible companies. Does this all relate to nature photography? No, maybe not, but I need some place to put some of it so here it is. Enjoy!

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Featured image for “Cultural Consequences of Electric Car Charging”

Cultural Consequences of Electric Car Charging

May 11, 2017: The cultural consequences of electric car charging have the potential to reshape the gas station experience in a profound way. Gasoline powered cars can be filled at a filling station in a few minutes and with the exception of full service stations the refueling requires us to remain at our car should the automatic shut-off fail or should it be a little overactive. Currently charging an electric car takes hours so it’s done while we sleep or while we work but all of that is going to change.
Featured image for “Battery Free Power Storage Challenge”

Battery Free Power Storage Challenge

December 28, 2012: Our Natural House If you are a regular reader you know my wife and I are building a natural building out of straw-bales, earthen plasters, and sustainable harvested woods. The latest rendering of the house looks something like the image below. We’re planning to do grid-tied solar power because we feel obligated to not only use the sun to power
Featured image for “Tracking Mobile Searches in Google Analytics”

Tracking Mobile Searches in Google Analytics

May 1, 2011: Designer Don Orkoskey talks about tracking mobile searches in Google Analytics. More website visitors are using smartphone, be ready!
Featured image for “Mobile Search Insights”

Mobile Search Insights

April 30, 2011: Designer Don Orkoskey discusses mobile search insights. Your business needs to mobile visitor ready. Are you?

Know Your Market

February 16, 2011: Designer Don Orkoskey talks about using Google Insights to get to know your market and how doing so can help you market your business.
Featured image for “Information Overload”

Information Overload

July 31, 2010: Designer and photographer Don Orkoskey talks about information overload and how the internet is giving us a little too much.