You're Brave

I really like that you're brave and I think we might click. Because you clicked, here is a picture of this cute kitty Glasha smiling at you.

Glasha the CatIf you're the type of person to boldly click on a random button that says "click me" then you're adventurous and we'll get along great. Be brave, be bold, take on adventures and explore the world. Challenge yourself and challenge the world itself. Be kind but have boundaries.

Humanity is always in danger. We're prone to self-harm. I really hope that you, like myself, are committed to breaking humanity's cycle of self-abuse, want to make our world safer, friendlier, healthy, and prosperous for all people. If so then please reach out. I love to make new friends and to reconnect with existing friends.

Continue to be bold, to be brave and to explore the cosmos my friend. Just also be careful. You never know what you'll find when you click on a random button on the internet. This time it's random words of inspiration and a sharing of joy. Next time it might be a scammer or virus.