Capturing Your Love: Valentine’s Day Couples Photography Workshop


Pro photographer Don Orkoskey | WDO Photography |


WDO Photography

7120 Harrison Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15218

Pittsburgh, PA, US, 15218

Enjoy this unique experience together, learn how to see and photograph each other, how to pose, and take home a special gift afterwards.

Love, intimacy, and attachment increase when we spend time looking at each other’s eyes. Strengthen your bond while having fun learning photography together in this unique workshop. Learn everything you need to know to create amazing photos of each other and yourselves as a couple. Learn about posing, lighting, choosing backgrounds, and take home a set of 5×7 prints of your favorite photos of each other.

Class Structure

Couples will be taught how to use any camera, from their phone to DSLR and mirrorless cameras to create the best photos of each other. We’ll discuss how, through eye contact, we can increase our love and create photos that capture that love in ways that no other photograph could.

After learning how couples will put their new skills to work creating incredible portraits of each other in the studio with my assistance. Each set of couples will have time to pose, light, and take a number of photos of each other and to learn how to use the timer on their cameras to take better couple selfies.

Finally the couples will get to choose their favorite photos, learn how to a bit of touch up and to print their favorite photos as 5×7 prints which can be framed and displayed at home. Note: all photos taken will be made available digitally to each couple as well.

Important Information

Please only buy a single ticket for each couple (they’re priced to include both of you).

This is a BYOB event. A small assortment of snacks will also be provided.