Fall 2022 Pittsburgh Photography Class For Beginners


September 28 - 04:00 pm


October 19 - 06:30 pm

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Beginner's Class

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Pro photographer Don Orkoskey | WDO Photography |

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Pittsburgh Botanic Garden

799 Pinkerton Run Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15071

Pittsburgh, PA, US, 15071

Join pro photographer Don Orkoskey at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden for his fun and informative beginner’s photography class.

Professional photographer and photography teacher Don Orkoskey teaches you how to use your camera, create stunning photos, and to feel confident doing so. In this weekly class running from Sept 21th to Oct. 12th you’ll learn the following and more:

  • Your camera’s buttons, functions, and features
  • Exposure, focus, and other technical settings
  • Composition, design principles, and the aesthetics of photography

Each class will feature two sections. The first section will be classroom based. Don will present the lesson and you’ll have time to ask questions as well as to present and talk about your work as a group. The second section will be practical time. Don will take you into the amazing gardens and together you’ll put what you’ve learned into practice with Don’s assistance and guidance.

Don will also invite you to a Google Classroom where you can discuss information with your classmates, download materials, and upload your homework.

Register Now:

You must visit the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden’s website to register via their event calendar.

Bonus: As an added bonus you’ll be given e-books authored by Don covering the materials that he will discuss in class. These are valuable books that will help you continue to grow and learn as a photographer.