December 17, 2011

Laundry Hamper Design

Teresa and I have these mesh laundry bags that sit on a PVC frame (actually we have two). This set up has served us well but since we got Dobby (the cat) back in the Spring we’ve had issues with him shredding the mesh bags, climbing in them, and breaking them. We’ve talked about ways to stop him but really none of them work well and some are just mean (like spraying him with water). He wants to stretch and scratch early in the morning and that’s a natural cat thing to do so this morning I had an idea – why should we stop him when we could just add sisal to the frame and give him something more appropriate to scratch.

To that end (and because the PVC frames have been broken) we designed the following:

This hamper rack will hold 3 mesh or canvas bags. We need to make new bags since Dobby not only broke the old rack but also cut the mesh bags all up. We’ve decided to use 2×4’s for the frame. The back of the rack, (closest to the wall), will have taller 2×4’s with a dowel running near the top and a rack on either side to hold clothes that are worn more than once, robes, and so on.

All sides will be wrapped with sisal rope. We plan to put casters on the bottom and hope to reuse the casters that are on the PVC frame.

Here is another look at the frame from above and  some measurements:

If you’re interested in making one for yourself and want to use these plans feel free. Our only request is that you seek out wood that has been sustainably  harvested or at the very least avoid wood from Georgia Pacific which is owned by Koch Industries. If you don’t know Koch Industries is owned by anti-social sociopaths that are out to destroy the US Government, remove all social support systems, and privatize everything so that they and a select and small group of other wealthy sociopaths can gather immense wealth and, in all but name, enslave the majority of the US population while raping the earth and rewriting history.

Sorry to go a little dark there but it’s pretty important that we all avoid buying from Koch Industries and try to reduce the wealth and power that these anti-American, anti-social, sociopaths have built up.

Thanks for your interest in our hamper design! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments or shoot me an email.

December 17, 2011 | W.D.Orkoskey
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