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Welcome to the Orkoskey Nature Photography Blog. Here you'll find articles I've write mostly about a lot of stuff, including nature photography, other types of photography, ecological issues, social issues, fine art, design, and more. Oh I also write warnings about some truly terrible companies. Does this all relate to nature photography? No, maybe not, but I need some place to put some of it so here it is. Enjoy!

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Featured image for “Designing Weight Loss: Limiting Factors”

Designing Weight Loss: Limiting Factors

June 25, 2017: Pittsburgh photographer and designer Don Orkoskey discusses designing weight loss: limiting factors that he faced when losing weight.
Featured image for “Weight Loss As A Design Challenge”

Weight Loss As A Design Challenge

June 21, 2017: Pittsburgh photographer and designer Don Orkoskey talks about weight loss as a design challenge. Don lost over 100lbs in 1 year.
Featured image for “Peel Smart Remote Dumb Decision”

Peel Smart Remote Dumb Decision

May 24, 2017: Pittsburgh photographer Don Orkoskey talks about Samsung’s bloatware Peel Smart Remote which defaults to disrupting your phone’s ringer.
Featured image for “Cultural Consequences of Electric Car Charging”

Cultural Consequences of Electric Car Charging

May 11, 2017: The cultural consequences of electric car charging have the potential to reshape the gas station experience in a profound way. Gasoline powered cars can be filled at a filling station in a few minutes and with the exception of full service stations the refueling requires us to remain at our car should the automatic shut-off fail or should it be a little overactive. Currently charging an electric car takes hours so it’s done while we sleep or while we work but all of that is going to change.

Calculating the Citizen Offset Cost Savings of Cities Such As Pittsburgh

May 10, 2017: Pittsburgh photographer and designer Don Orkoskey talks about calculating the citizen offset cost savings of cities such as Pittsburgh.
Featured image for “The Milk Bottle is Half Full”

The Milk Bottle is Half Full

May 10, 2017: You might say that I’m a milk bottle is half full sort of person.
Featured image for “Batteries Not Included: The Movie America Needs Right Now”

Batteries Not Included: The Movie America Needs Right Now

January 28, 2017: Batteries Not Included: The Movie America Needs Right Now The story of a villainous greed driven New York land developer, vulnerable people banding together, and intelligent machines performing jobs typically done by people sounds incredibly contemporary for a film that came out in 1987 and in many ways it’s the perfect film to explain where we are and what we need to do.

What Do We Do Now

November 9, 2016: At a certain point last night I went from shock to mourning to asking myself, what do we do now?Now, a few hours later, I’m starting to piece that together. One thing has become painfully clear. We can’t move America forward in a progressive direction without moving all of America forward
Featured image for “Heart and Soul”

Heart and Soul

April 24, 2015: I’ve hear “poured our heart and soul into” a lot recently. Usually after a preventable failure. What would have prevented it? Brains
Featured image for “Fall 2014 Straw Bale House Update”

Fall 2014 Straw Bale House Update

November 24, 2014: Pittsburgh photographer and designer provides his fall 2014 straw bale house update on the natural home he’s designing.
Featured image for “Hillside Hugelkultur Revisited”

Hillside Hugelkultur Revisited

February 27, 2014: Hillside Hugelkultur Revisited by Pittsburgh photographer and permaculture designer Don Orkoskey shows what 6 months of natural erosion looks like.
Featured image for “Small Engineered Wetland & Climate Change”

Small Engineered Wetland & Climate Change

October 25, 2013: Photographer, artist, and designer Don Orkoskey talks about small engineered wetland & climate change mitigation.