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Featured image for “Hillside Hugelkultur Revisited”

Hillside Hugelkultur Revisited

February 27, 2014: Hillside Hugelkultur Revisited by Pittsburgh photographer and permaculture designer Don Orkoskey shows what 6 months of natural erosion looks like.
Featured image for “Small Engineered Wetland & Climate Change”

Small Engineered Wetland & Climate Change

October 25, 2013: Photographer, artist, and designer Don Orkoskey talks about small engineered wetland & climate change mitigation.
Featured image for “Permaculture and relocation”

Permaculture and relocation

July 6, 2013: Pittsburgh photographer, designer, and artist Don Orkoskey discusses permaculture and relocation. As a species we move.
Featured image for “Experimental Permaculture: Steep Slope Stabalization”

Experimental Permaculture: Steep Slope Stabalization

June 23, 2013: Pittsburgh photographer and designer Don Orkoskey reports on his experimental permaculture project: steep slope stabilization in Pittsburgh.
Featured image for “Western PA Permaculture Crop List”

Western PA Permaculture Crop List

March 6, 2013: Pittsburgh photographer and designer talks about the plants that will be a part of his property in his western PA permaculture crop list.
Featured image for “Natural Building Progress”

Natural Building Progress

January 22, 2013: Pittsburgh photographer and designer Don Orkoskey talks about the natural building progress on his straw bale house project.
Featured image for “Walnuts – that is the question”

Walnuts – that is the question

January 17, 2013: Pittsburgh photographer Don Orkoskey ponders if he should grow walnuts in this article, Walnuts -that is the question.
Featured image for “Battery Free Power Storage Challenge”

Battery Free Power Storage Challenge

December 28, 2012: Our Natural House If you are a regular reader you know my wife and I are building a natural building out of straw-bales, earthen plasters, and sustainable harvested woods. The latest rendering of the house looks something like the image below. We’re planning to do grid-tied solar power because we feel obligated to not only use the sun to power
Featured image for “Certified Permaculture Designer”

Certified Permaculture Designer

May 12, 2012: Pittsburgh photographer and designer is now a certified permaculture designer after passing his PDC through Phipps Conservatory.
Featured image for “The Sustainability of City Living”

The Sustainability of City Living

February 6, 2012: Don Orkoskey talks about the sustainability of city living in this think piece about urban food growing and the benefits of urban density.