September 19, 2022

Brand New Nature Photography Website

nature photographer Don Orkoskey

Welcome to my brand new nature photography website. While my website,, has been around for a long time, I'm officially repurposing it specifically for my nature photography business. I'm still open to doing website design or other design work as needed but I wanted a dedicated home for my nature photography work as I look to expand what I'm doing as a nature photographer.

New Website Direction

This new website direction will allow me to focus on my nature photography work and on telling compelling visual stories about what is happening in nature and what is threatening it. The new direction and branding of my existing website will give me the ability to share what I'm passionate about in an authentic and purposeful way. Read on to find out what's behind this change.

Self Realization

This would not be happening if it were not for some serious self realization and actualization. Several months ago I had the pleasure of speaking with a business and life coach, Drasko Raicevic on the Up Level Mind podcast. You can listen to my episode here. We talked about authenticity and fear of being my authentic self holding me back.

What does that have to do with nature photography? It has everything to do with it.

I do love photographing people and events but my passion is nature and showing how natural systems work while documenting what threatens them. I've rarely monetized my nature photography work beyond the nature photography classes I teach. Drasko helped me to realize that I don't need to fear being my authentic self. 

I'm very excited to dive in and seek out work that excites me and allows me to feel more authentic. I hope you'll enjoy coming on the journey with me. As part of this brand new website transition I'll be blogging here a lot more about nature photography.

Conservation photography

Around the same that I spoke with Drasko I began to see more and more information about conservation photography. I'm trained as a photojournalist but I've not done a lot of editorial work, even if much of my work has an editorial style. Conservation photography is simply photography that aids in efforts to conserve our natural world. It doesn't always have to have an editorial bend to it but being that I'm skilled at editorial style photography it made me even more interested in exploring conservation photography.

Brand New Nature Photography Website

Keep watching this site as I work on changing it into my brand new nature photography website. It's going to be a somewhat slow project as I figure out where my other work belongs. My fine art photography will remain here as will my design portfolio. Design has never been my primary focus but I'm always happy to tackle new projects and to help others reach audiences looking for them through good visual branding and design.

New Website Plans

My new website plans are to first create a new section on the homepage where I can feature my nature work more prominently. I also will be adding a nature photography gallery that showcases my work as a nature photographer better than the current gallery. I'm going to be adding blog posts to discuss where I'm working, what I'm working on, and projects that you should be paying and causes attention to. Beyond that I think the website shouldn't change very much.

Other Photography Projects

I'm not abandoning my other photography projects or my event and portrait business. In fact I'm looking to incorporate my nature work more and more into the other work I do. I've released myself from the restrictions I had imposed. Now I plan to include more authenticity in all of my work. I've actually already started to do so and it feels great. I feel more conscious of what I'm doing than I previously did and at the same time less anxious or restricted. My fine art and design work will remain largely the same.

Brand New Website Questions

I know many of you might have some brand new website questions so here is your chance to ask them. Visit my contact page to let me know what you think or to reach me to ask more about my brand new nature photography website. If you're interested in hiring me for an event or portrait session you can still find my at

September 19, 2022 | W.D.Orkoskey
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