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Welcome to the Orkoskey Nature Photography Blog. Here you'll find articles I've write mostly about a lot of stuff, including nature photography, other types of photography, ecological issues, social issues, fine art, design, and more. Oh I also write warnings about some truly terrible companies. Does this all relate to nature photography? No, maybe not, but I need some place to put some of it so here it is. Enjoy!

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Latest Posts

Featured image for “2022 Natural Building Update”

2022 Natural Building Update

September 27, 2022: I’m pro photographer Don Orkoskey, here is my 2022 natural building update for those of you who are looking for information on my project.
Featured image for “Finding New Ways To Photograph Yosemite”

Finding New Ways To Photograph Yosemite

September 19, 2022: Join me, professional nature photographer Don Orkoskey and I discuss the challenges and rewards of finding new ways to photograph Yosemite.
Featured image for “Brand New Nature Photography Website”

Brand New Nature Photography Website

September 19, 2022: Welcome to the brand new nature photography website of Pittsburgh photographer and nature photography teacher Don Orkoskey.
Featured image for “Thumbtack.com Will Steal From Your Small Business”

Thumbtack.com Will Steal From Your Small Business

July 19, 2022: Thumbtack.com will steal from your small business. Theft is an integral part of Thumbtack’s business model. Don’t let them steal from you!
Featured image for “Art, Humor, and Community”

Art, Humor, and Community

February 16, 2022: Pittsburgh photographer, artist, and designer Don Orkoskey shares some thoughts on art, humor, and community as well as personal responsibility.
Featured image for “New Artist Website”

New Artist Website

February 5, 2022: I’m photographer, artist, and designer Don Orkoskey and I’m happy to welcome you to my new artist website at Orkoskey.com
Featured image for “Building More Economically Resilient Communities”

Building More Economically Resilient Communities

July 21, 2021: Pittsburgh photographer and designer Don Orkoskey talks about building more economically resilient communities through better design.
Featured image for “Building A Better Digital Strategy”

Building A Better Digital Strategy

January 23, 2019: Pittsburgh Designer Don Orkoskey talks about using data collected through surveys for building a better digital strategy.
Featured image for “Design Challenge: Reducing Piles of Laundry in the Bedroom”

Design Challenge: Reducing Piles of Laundry in the Bedroom

August 18, 2017: Pittsburgh photographer and designer Don Orkoskey discusses his design challenge: reducing piles of laundry in the bedroom.
Featured image for “Designing Weight Loss: Limiting Factors”

Designing Weight Loss: Limiting Factors

June 25, 2017: Pittsburgh photographer and designer Don Orkoskey discusses designing weight loss: limiting factors that he faced when losing weight.
Featured image for “Weight Loss As A Design Challenge”

Weight Loss As A Design Challenge

June 21, 2017: Pittsburgh photographer and designer Don Orkoskey talks about weight loss as a design challenge. Don lost over 100lbs in 1 year.
Featured image for “Peel Smart Remote Dumb Decision”

Peel Smart Remote Dumb Decision

May 24, 2017: Pittsburgh photographer Don Orkoskey talks about Samsung’s bloatware Peel Smart Remote which defaults to disrupting your phone’s ringer.