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Welcome to the Orkoskey Nature Photography Blog. Here you'll find articles I've write mostly about a lot of stuff, including nature photography, other types of photography, ecological issues, social issues, fine art, design, and more. Oh I also write warnings about some truly terrible companies. Does this all relate to nature photography? No, maybe not, but I need some place to put some of it so here it is. Enjoy!

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Featured image for “Fall 2014 Straw Bale House Update”

Fall 2014 Straw Bale House Update

November 24, 2014: Pittsburgh photographer and designer provides his fall 2014 straw bale house update on the natural home he’s designing.
Featured image for “Hillside Hugelkultur Revisited”

Hillside Hugelkultur Revisited

February 27, 2014: Hillside Hugelkultur Revisited by Pittsburgh photographer and permaculture designer Don Orkoskey shows what 6 months of natural erosion looks like.
Featured image for “Small Engineered Wetland & Climate Change”

Small Engineered Wetland & Climate Change

October 25, 2013: Photographer, artist, and designer Don Orkoskey talks about small engineered wetland & climate change mitigation.
Featured image for “Summer 2013 straw bale house building update”

Summer 2013 straw bale house building update

August 23, 2013: Pittsburgh photographer and designer Don Orkoskey provides a summer 2013 straw bale house building update, a periodic check in on the project.
Featured image for “Experimental Permaculture: Steep Slope Stabalization”

Experimental Permaculture: Steep Slope Stabalization

June 23, 2013: Pittsburgh photographer and designer Don Orkoskey reports on his experimental permaculture project: steep slope stabilization in Pittsburgh.
Featured image for “Western PA Permaculture Crop List”

Western PA Permaculture Crop List

March 6, 2013: Pittsburgh photographer and designer talks about the plants that will be a part of his property in his western PA permaculture crop list.
Featured image for “Natural Building Progress”

Natural Building Progress

January 22, 2013: Pittsburgh photographer and designer Don Orkoskey talks about the natural building progress on his straw bale house project.
Featured image for “Straw Bale & Cob House An’at”

Straw Bale & Cob House An’at

January 19, 2013: Pittsburgh photographer and designer Don Orkoskey talks about his straw bale and cob house he plans to build near Pittsburgh.
Featured image for “Battery Free Power Storage Challenge”

Battery Free Power Storage Challenge

December 28, 2012: Our Natural House If you are a regular reader you know my wife and I are building a natural building out of straw-bales, earthen plasters, and sustainable harvested woods. The latest rendering of the house looks something like the image below. We’re planning to do grid-tied solar power because we feel obligated to not only use the sun to power
Featured image for “The Sustainability of City Living”

The Sustainability of City Living

February 6, 2012: Don Orkoskey talks about the sustainability of city living in this think piece about urban food growing and the benefits of urban density.
Featured image for “House update – Jan 2012”

House update – Jan 2012

January 16, 2012: Don Orkoskey gives his periodic House update – Jan 2012. Don is building a natural home near Pittsburgh, PA.
Featured image for “The Amazing Benefits of Wattle Fences”

The Amazing Benefits of Wattle Fences

December 6, 2011: Don Orkoskey talks about the amazing benefits of wattle fences. Both sustainable, and beautiful these are truly incredible antient tech.